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Johnny Walker Guitars
My Guitar Sound 

     My classical guitars are crafted in the Spanish tradition and have the sweet Spanish sound.  In the pursuit of world class sound quality, I have tried many types of bracing, finishes, woods, thicknesses, top graduations, glue, construction techniques and other variables too numerous to mention.  The tops and backs are slightly arched for contribution to the sound.   I use a combination of traditional fan bracing and my own improvements, drawing on  modern acoustical principles, that contribute to sound projection.  The culmination of these years of effort is a true concert quality instrument.  All my guitars are fully intoned at the saddle and nut to enhance the sound and playability.

    Intoning is a post construction procedure where the saddle and nut are reshaped to compensate for the individual string stretching that occurs when the string is fretted.  While not absolutely perfect, this procedure will allow the guitar to play in tune over the entire fretboard and is a great improvement over no intoning or a slanted saddle.

      I would describe my classical guitar sound as rich, crisp and sweet yet complex, with  bright singing trebles, slightly woody basses, loaded with harmonics and lots of sustain.  

     I have been able to get excellent separation of the notes with virtually no objectionable overtones especially in the upper register.  My  guitars are louder than most, and are ideally suited for performances. 

     My flamenco guitars, both blanco and negra models, are lightly braced to be very responsive and lively.  The cypress/spruce or cedar  blanco model is typical flamenco: loud, percussive, bright, raspy, short sustain, with low and fast action.  The rosewood/spruce or cedar negra model is sweeter in sound with more sustain, but still typically flamenco.

     Keep in mind that new guitars need to played for the final sound to fully develop and spruce tops take longer than cedar tops to break in.  Also the brand and type of strings used and condition of same will have a major impact on the quality of sound produced by the instrument. 


johnny walker guitars
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