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Johnny Walker Guitars

General Information

     My guitars are mostly custom built to customer's wants and needs; however, standard models are available.  This includes flamencos and classicals, concert and grand concert models.  You can choose the woods, rosette, scale length, tuners, neck profile and width, flamenco pegs,and if you want a pickup.  If you are not sure about the details, I can assist you. 

     My guitars are priced as follows: concert models; flamenco, $2,800; classical, $2,800; and the grand concert classical, $4,200.  The extras are case upgrades, tuner upgrades and the cutaway feature.

The standard case is the Humicase Protege plywood. There are many rosette designs available for you to choose from and also several tuner upgrades.  The concert models use the Gotoh standard tuners and the grand concert model uses the Gotoh premium or other high quality tuners.

    The concert blanca flamencos are in Monterey or Spanish cypress, your choice.  The concert flamenco negras are in black walnut or EI rosewood with a spruce or cedar top.

     The grand concert classicals are usually in cocobolo rosewood with spruce or cedar top.   There are other woods availble, such as African blackwood, and several other rosewoods and others.  The top woods available are Engelmann or Euro. spruce, western red cedar, redwood, and Lutz hybrid spruce from Canada.

     All my guitars are totally French polished by me.  The necks are Spanish cedar or mahogany with a carbon fiber/epoxy bar neck reinforcement.  All my guitars are fully intoned at the bone nut and saddle, so they play in tune.  I use the Spanish heel design, so the neck is joined to the body with the neck extending into the body, rather than a dovetail joint to attach the neck.  I use a twelve hole tie block bridge on all my guitars.  This bridge allows for more downward string pressure on the saddle and I think better sound transmission to the top. 

     You can pay for the guitar in payments or all at once after a small down payment when I begin construction.  If in the unlikely event that you don't like the guitar, you may return it for a full refund, less any damage.  Payments can be made by Paypal, cashier's check or personal check.

I ship your guitar by Fedex ground, fully insured.  The cost of ground shipment is on me, while air shipment is extra cost.  

     I send you email updates on your guitar when construction starts, including pictures.

     If you need more information or would like to place your name on my wait list, please contact me at 1-918-327-4369 or

Some Customer Responses:

Dear Johnny,

The guitar arrived in great shape. Thank you for your great efforts to see it so done.

I have been playing it since it got here yesterday and it is already opening up as you say. What amazing trebles and the base notes are wonderful. The clarity of the notes is amazing. It changes my playing as I am able to hear the notes so well that it is like a magnifying glass on the music allowing me to see it so much better. The workmanship is also outstanding. The choices of wood you gave me are beautiful and the Euro. spruce top is going to be tops. I am so glad you had that piece available. I know that Engleman is also an excellent wood, I just wanted to be as traditional as possible. Every guitar is different, and that is why we buy them.

The case is also amazing. What a safe and sound place to keep the guitar! I will be monitoring the humidity in the room I play in also.

Thank you for all that you do to make the experience of having a guitar built such a rewarding experience. I will treasure this guitar all my life and I hope that others will after me.

D S, Colorado

Hi Johnny,
Well, I've had a couple of days with #554 now.  I have to say you've hit another one right out of the park! It sounds and plays every bit as good as it looks.  It is as bright, strong and clear as any spruce topped guitar, has more sustain than the law allows, yet retains that warm "Spanish" sound of a cedar top. It is much slower to go "muddy" than many other cedar topped guitars (including my Ramirez) can drive it very hard and it still retains excellent separation and clarity.  Played softly every note rings like a bell and sustains as long as you need.  It is everything I hoped it would be...and then some.  That really is some very pretty cocobolo and the rosette perfectly compliments the cedar top.

"Hi Johnny,
Sorry for the delay in contacting you. I got the guitar (excellent packaging.)
First I would just like to say I really like the guitar. The construction and finish look top notch and the walnut is beautiful. I also like some of the small details like the walnut inlay at the end block as well as not ending the binding at the end block ( where it will eventually leave a gap). Also noticed a nice arch in the top after it was tensioned up. It is easy to play and I like the compact body size.
I find the sound very refined with good note separation, the more I play it the more I like it.  The guitar I had been playing is a spruce Kohno Pro J about 7 years old.   Both guitars sound completely different, the Kohno more brash and unfocused.
 I'm looking forward to playing the guitar more.  
 Thanks again, you have handled everything in a very businesslike manner with great communication. "

Hi Johnny,

"Congratulations to your excellent workmanship and attention to detail. The wood really stands out especially the back cocobolo which is simply a marvelous cut. The reddish color also gives the guitar style and elegance. I am also very happy with the Alessi tuners which I must say are smoother and better than the Fustero I have on my Ramirez. The edge binding is also beautiful to look at and compliments the guitar extremely well. I also like the bridge design. The neck is however my favorite. The frets are cut and trimmed to perfection and I had a very smooth feeling when feeling the side along the neck. The action is very low with  no buzzes at any fret for such low action, even when playing with a stronger attack. This guitar has the lowest action I have ever played on. Also I liked the way the ebony neck strip is attached to the neck when looking at the neck from the side. Again the fine attention to detail is evident here. So appearance wise I was delighted with the final product. When I tuned the guitar and started playing, wow ! the sound just blew my mind. First and foremost the volume. You promised me in the very beginning that your guitars had excellent volume and tone but this is more than I expected, honestly. I was so happy with the sound that in the first couple of takes I could not even concentrate on what I was playing. When I got used more to the guitar, that is after an hour or so certain pieces which I had been playing for years suddenly sounded different, sweeter, louder and much more defined. The treble string have a very long sustain but I particularly love the bell sounds that the guitar can generate. Harmonics are also excellent. The base strings are also louder but yet very defined. All in all, the guitar suits my style of playing perfectly. The responsiveness is outstanding and the many different colors that it enables me to play is truly a delight. At this stage I have not explored all possibilities and capabilities but it looks like it can do anything that I want it to do. Having said this you told me that the wood still needs to open up and that the guitar will reach its full potential after a few months. Well I don't know how it can improve further than it already is but its something to look forward to. Thank you very very much for your help, patience and honesty during the making of the guitar. This was the first time that I ordered such an expensive item over the web but from the very beginning I could tell that you were a very genuine person with a passion and pride for your work. The whole experience was a good one for me, my emails were always replied to within a few hours and you always accommodated my requirements. "

Hello Johnny,
Received the classical guitar constructed in part with walnut. It is beautiful, with rich tones and long-lasting sustain.  I haven't found a weak place on the neck. Thank you.

Hi Johnny,
I just wanted to update you on the cedar-topped Grand concert guitar that I took delivery on in March.  Even at this early stage it is proving itself to be something very special.  Colorful, nuanced, with a beautiful separation of voices, this guitar has captured my heart.  I am captivated each time I sit down to play, truly a guitar of a lifetime.  I want to add that craftsmanship on this guitar is masterful, not a flaw anywhere!  Johnny , you were a pleasure to work with, so knowledgeable and accommodating and you nailed my measurements exactly.  You are one fine guitar maker. Thank you.

"I'm loving the guitar more and more everyday.  I can hardly put it down. Again, thanks for the guitar.  I've been getting tons of compliments on it."  Mr. G. R., Stinnett, TX. (majoring in guitar at SWOSU, Weatherford, Ok.)

" I own classical guitar number 511S- a superb spruce top guitar.  The sustain is incredible and the harmonics are fascinating.  The instrument is easy to play and a pure delight.  For now, Johnny Walker is the sleeper of guitar makers in the USA.  Get one while you can!"
Lawrence Green, School of Music, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

"I 'm lost in the quality of this instrument.  Can't say it any shorter than that!  But who can stop there!  I think it's the best guitar I've ever touched or played, and I know I've touched and played some pretty good ones.  (Almost certainly student models all, but they include a Domingo Esteso, Contreras, Ryoji Matsuoka, and on loan for a while, a Kohno): these I owned at one time or another, and  I've played and touched a lot of better guitars that I couldn't afford in shops."
Mr. T. W. 
Lowell, MA

"I received the guitar this afternoon and all I can say is that I am completely floored! Your guitar strikes me as a refreshing mix of tradition and innovation. It really shows that you have thought about all the component factors of the instrument and then acted on your conclusions in an elegant, yet committed way. I like the bridge design (gives me a lot to think about while I spend my weekend making a bridge for my own guitar). I just noticed the diagonal transverse bar a minute ago as I was putting the guitar back into the case (which, by the way is just fine). Yikes! Luthier details aside, the tone and playability are right on the mark. You have once again confirmed my theory that the best guitars of this generation are being made by the luthiers who are also players. I can't thank you enough for offering this instrument. I will be using it on an upcoming recording project and some performances that will follow."
Mr. A.H.
Los Angeles, CA

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